just tucked the Wookie into bed – work called just after 11 last night and he had to go in on a few minutes of sleep.


of course, now he’s unconscious and hopefully won’t be in too bad a shape when he wakes up – he may have done 24+ hour stints like this in the AF, but as I keep reminding him – we’re a pair of old fogies now who can’t do da party thang…


*creeping around house quietly*

btw, can someone PLEASE put in an emergency call to the Fab Five and get them to give Michael Moore a makeover? Yes, I know he’s supposed to be representing the “poor folk” with the millions he’s made, but get a shave, dump the baseball cap and get a decent haircut and a clean tshirt and new jacket… it just ain’t working no more!

maybe he can pick up the Slimfast franchise from Whoopi…

*evil snicker*


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