still ranting…

well, got most of that out of my system – but yet…

anyway, allow me another wee ranting about a post I saw on one of my boards – woman whining about the fact that her hubby in the AF is about to be posted overseas to Iraq after five years behind a desk or in a shop or something and she’s upset because he’s not trained to shoot a gun or anything like that and how DARE the AF send her man into danger…

first, I’m sympathetic with EVERY military wife. The Wookie’s too old to be called back, but we did speak about it and if they call him back, he’s going. We could dash to Canada, but he won’t do it and I support him in this decision. He’s done his part, Granada and Panama and Gulf War I and I don’t think they’d call. But if they do, he’ll go. So there could go I, in theory.

but this new group (’cause I’ve seen these types of posts before from both wives and the servicemen/women involved) bother the heck out of me. How could you sign up for MILITARY service and not be prepared to go to war? I realise that the military recruiters are sly dogs who want your warm body in the ranks, but unless they’re promising that you’ll never, EVER see combat ’cause you’re in a missile silo forever, you always hold the chance of being sent into a danger zone. That’s why it’s called the MILITARY, not the Peace Corps or some such thing.

Right now there are a pair of deserters in Canada claiming refugee status and if I had my way I’d kick their butts back down here for court-martial since they didn’t feel like going back to war (in one case) or completing the paperwork to be a consciencious objector or just doing the Right Thing. Instead they break for the border and get all the money Canada can give them and whine about how ‘orrible it is that they can be forced to fight. Although that didn’t seem to bother them when they signed on the dotted line voluntarily and wanted to reap the benefits of the GI bill.

War is ‘orrible. Dying is ‘orrible. Good men and women die in war. It’s ‘orrible all the way around. But being upset that your man or woman is being called up when they volunteered for the duty is rather like complaining when you get bitten by a snake and wonder why – since you were playing with the darned thing for hours before hand.

I’m so tired of people not taking responsiblity for their actions. From the fricking prison abuse to this to that no one wants to stand up and say “Hey, I signed up and while I don’t like this (or support it in other cases) I owe it to the country that I signed up to defend to go.” File the paperwork on the way out or on the way back if you feel you have to, but don’t whine to the rest of us how upset you are that you’re being called to complete your duty. Be responsible, suck it up and go.

and if you see my frelling Canada Post package, make sure to shoot the guy carrying it.

in the leg.

that’s the Canadian talking.



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