my review of Catwoman:

well, Hallie Berry tried. LORD, she tried. She gave one heck of a performance and if they gave Oscars out for roles in movies destined for the $2.99 special DVD bins in BlockBuster and Walmart, she’d take this one home in an instant.

yep. That bad.

The Wookie gave it a B, but that was ONLY due to Ms Berry’s performance. I’d give it a C at the highest, but that’s when you lump in a good performance with lots of crud around it.

1) The director can’t do anything but spin the camera around like he’s shooting a music video. I was seriously nauseous for half the movie thanks to this wonderful work with the handcam that kept spinning around the actors and around the scenery. Big hint: It may be computer-generated, but it looks MORE computer-generated when you spin it around on the screen. Really.

2) Music videos galore. Oooh. I love music videos. Especially the ones that make me nauseous.

3) Sharon Stone. Please, can this woman play anyone but a witch? She snarls, barks and growls her way through this role like… uh… everything else she’s ever been in. Yes, women can be Angry and Vindictive, but sheesh… next time feel free to make an appearance and not a ghostly-walk-in.

4) Benjamin Bratt. Love the guy, but can we get away from the cop roles? Please? I can just imagine him sitting there reading the script: “Hmm… gotta get into the role of a cop… think, think… get into character…”


not to mention the numerous plot holes therein because said cop knows the main suspect in a lot of crimes including murder. But hey, let HIM do the questioning. Yes, that bad.

But Hallie Berry gives it her all, and that may save the movie for some viewers – Lord knows the leather outfits don’t do much for the movie, other than a short funky appearance of Michelle Pfeiffer in a stack of photos where Catwoman “finds her destiny” or some such thing.

Rating: a firm C with Kudos to Ms Berry for doing her best. Without her, the movie wouldn’t stand a chance. With her it may make the bargain bin worth diving into.


Dragon out.


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