so I saw King Arthur…


I’m usually kinder to movies, but this one was an ‘orrible mishmash of anti-Christian ranting, bad acting and two stories that happened to collide and manage to waste a few hours of my time. The Wookie gave it a B-, I wasn’t so generous and would have given it a C at least…

the acting – wooden, very boring – the best character was Bors, fer goodness sake!

the sets – ooh… how many types of armor can we put on people that don’t match? or crossbows a few centuries before their creation? Or just a lot of screaming peeps?

the story – as noted above, the writer tried to force two good stories (well, the potential) into one with very little success. I had trouble with the anti-Christian rants from the corrupt Bishop, the corrupt monks, the corrupt Roman, the corrupt… well, you get the picture. All in all, it seemed like the author was definitely venting for a bad childhood. And then the second story seemed to be Arthur determined to forgo his previous Christian beliefs to save all of Britain.

yep, sure… you betcha.


however, after a week of being offline due to the hard drive crashing, I am up and going now… and downloading and finding out exactly how much crap I had before.



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