well, we survived the convention with little pain… okay, I’m lying – a LOT of pain, but that was from standing in line for four hours to get our Galactus, our Silver Surfer and Invisible Woman. Of course, MY set is up on eBay, for anyone who wants to buy something odd and yet appealing to comics fans…

found a GREAT card game – Camelot Legends – from ZMan Games here – basically a nice card game with excellent artwork and a depth of Arthurian legend that is breathtaking – some of these I didn’t remember, and I have an ENTIRE shelf of Arthur books!!!

still, a long day/drive/walk for what it was worth – spent Sunday recuperating and now back in the saddle, as it were – yesterday marked our 4 year anniversary, so went out to a nice restaurant and pigged out on some excellent cajun chicken before coming home to two fat happy cats who wussed up majorly since we abandoned them for the day on Saturday…

didn’t hand out many of my “Gamer’s Pocket Book of Poetry”; so anyone who wants one drop me an email with your snail mail addy and I’ll send you a free copy while supplies last…

heh, heh…

and yes, SG-1 stuff dere! Some cool autographed pics and overpriced lithographs… sigh… I can’t wait for the new season to start…

oh, and for you Sam/Jack fans…


double heh, heh…. she’s a fantastic artist!


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