Getting ready for Origins!

for those of you who don’t know, Origins is a yearly con held in Columbus, Ohio for gamers – from Cribbage and Chess to D&D and back again, it’s one of the BIG conventions. I bullied the Wookie to take me out last year for our anniversary and now we’re going again. Yes, we’re THAT strange.


so now we’re getting ready to head out EARLY Saturday morning (like, 2 am) for a four hour drive to get to Columbus and to the convention center to get our passes at 7:30 am when they open to immediately hop in line for a convention exclusive – a HUGE Galactus for our fav game, Heroclix. Sure, we hardly play anymore, but the figures are cool and heck… we don’t drink or smoke, so what else can we have for vices?

stop smiling, Sara!


and, of course, my life is once again hitting a busy spot – tomorrow we have to get the car into the garage for the BIG inspection (we know it already needs a new windshield) and I’ve been scrabbling to find a photographer in this rural area who can do INS photographs for my renewal of my Green card next month. Given that most of them are closed already on Saturdays, we’re trying to do this in the next two days. Plus getting blood drawn for our checkups AND me getting a mouthful of dental work done on Friday – one crown and two porcelain inlays, thank you very much. So 3/4 of my mouth is gonna be mush – spaghetti’s already on the menu for that night, fer sure!

so I’ve been printing up business cards and copies of my free poetry booklet; The Gamer’s Pocket Book of Poetry to hand out to all and sundry who want them – well, up to the end of the 30 copies I have, that is. Hopefully that’ll generate some interest in me and me skills, since I’d love to write for some of the fantastic worlds that appear at these cons, but don’t have an “in” with the big boys yet.

of course, last year I stood there at the Palladium booth for a good ten minutes yakking with Keven Simbieda without knowing who he was. Yes, you guessed right – he’s the one who OWNS the company. I smacked the Wook for not letting me know earlier.

“You could have read his name tag…”

“Oh, right… like THAT’S gonna happen!”


and got another story oot and aboot today on the electronic highway to some lucky Scifi publisher who should take the darned thing; voted for stories on the SG-1 site ’cause I could… (there’s ONE vote fer ya, Sara!) and now just trying to not think about getting work done on Friday and getting to the photographer tomorrow…


so it goes, brothers and sisters – when it rains, it pours… but it’s sometimes nice to be standing in the warm rain, eh?


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