*bangs head on table*

some days just suck.

I spend two hours researching potential publishers for a new short story I finished last night, and it took less time for them to reject it via email than it did for me to research the sites.


THEN I find out a short story I sent out in January to a magazine has poofed back to me ’cause the magazine has ceased to exist. This was only found out due to Writer’s Market removing the listing today; so I had to make a phone call to some place outside of state to verify that the magazine was, in fact, defunct.


so I submitted THAT story to the place that gave me the fast rejection today already – figured I’d put that research to use somehow.

double bleah.

so right now I’m torturing the neighbours with a CD of Sting, BareNakedLadies, Rick Springfield.

so there.



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