well, time for another rambling diatribe on things known and unknown… so to speak.

I’ve been trying lately to avoid gossip AND gossiping about others – you’d think that sitting in the middle of the wilderness would make it rather easy, given that I have no friends nearby and my immediate family is either in Canada or not interested in talking to me, but this is not so. Thanks to the internet, I can indulge myself in gossip about everyone and everything.

and that’s Bad…

now, I think there’s a difference between exchanging information and gossiping – telling me that your sister is pregnant is a nice thing and I’m pleased to hear it – telling me that you’re sure it’s not her husband’s baby or that you believe that she’s too old and it’ll have medical problems is just over the line to gossip, and that’s hard to stop. Or to avoid.

because everyone has opinions, and it’s not fair to ask them not to share them – but I think that when they’re not backed up by facts, then it’s gossip. As in the previous example, if you were concerned because your sister has had previous health problems or that her husband has a bad gene in the family then I think that’s a valid conversation. If you’re not nasty, that is.

but it’s amazing to see how many people build their existence on tearing someone else down; be they friends, associates, or utter strangers that they only read about on a website. I’ve been as guilty as anyone else in the past, but now I’m trying hard to stay away from nattering about others and keeping my mouth shut. I can tell my cat if I need to tell someone, but it’s not worth the mental heartache of posting these comments up on a board or in a message.

because these things tend to come around. I truly believe that some of my social problems is that I don’t gossip ENOUGH and participate in the vicious cycle. And if I gossip about others, what do they say about ME?

’nuff said.

back to writing.

much safer.



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