well, I’m doing a presentation tomorrow at my Pennwriters’ group meeting and I’ve done nothing to prepare.

let me explain.

the topic, more or less, is three of us talking on how to do research; what plagarism is and how to use the Internet.

I think you can understand my reluctance to do much more than grab the stack o’papers and books that I used to write up my Mexico book and blather on about how to do a decent search. Not to mention that they should all know this already from high school.

but, I am told, a lot of them do NOT understand plagarism and that’s rather annoying/frightening. I mean, it’s one thing to have kids in school not quite get that downloading their thesis is a Bad Thing, another for grown adults to not comprehend this.

I am kerfuzzled at how this works.

but, again, I am way too naive for this world.

A week or so ago I woke up at about three am thanks to the rumbling of one of those overclocked noisy engines the pickup truck drivers thrive on these days. Going out to the front window I saw a couple arguing literally on our front lawn. I go get the Wookie and we spend the next ten minutes watching them. She tossed something of his into our wonderful small creek/puddle/draining sewage system, so he was hunting for it while screaming at the top of his lungs as they fought.
They drive away, but return just as we get back into bed. Again, yelling, screaming – but this time he actually slaps her. She returns the favor, but I’m getting my slippers on and telling the Wookie to call 911 ’cause I”m going to go out there and take charge of the situation.
He pulls me back almost literally as they “make up” and drive off into the sunrise. Of course they returned ten minutes later to keep on looking for his wallet, which he did find and then they drove off together into the darkness/early sunrise, but I was ready to go.

Lord, I am such a fool. Gawd knows what would have happened to me if I had gone out there.

Ten years later and I’m still trying to save the world.

But tomorrow I can try to tell a bunch of adults that stealing is wrong.

I’m debating wearing my Peter Puck shirt just for the sake of it.

*shakes head*


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