well, a good discussion came up in my online gaming league which really illustrated to me a small degree of what’s some of the problems with society today.

in a nutshell – in this gaming league you must use a certain type of weapons with a certain type of mech (giant robot) – it’s possible to mix and match, but the rules state that you must stay “puretech” based on the robot you take out – it’s not hard to understand and puts a bit of a challenge into the game since you can’t slap any weapon on and beat the snot out of each other virtually.

simple, eh?

well, the discussion came up because the admin who checks the logs said that there are “some” who have been caught taking the wrong weapons a few times in league drops. He sent an email to the unit involved and figures that’s all there is… but someone brought up that if it’s a repeat offender that they should serve SOME penalty for taking crosstech. After all, it does prove usually a bit of an advantage, although I’m not sure if it really changes the game overall.

well, you’d think that someone had been outed as a child molester. Peeps came out of the woodwork to defend imaginary pilots who had “just made a mistake” and the excuses mounted as to why there was never going to be ANY disciplinary action taken against repeat offenders – from “mistakes” to “you can’t prove INTENT” by one poster.

I’m just shocked at the mentality here. In other words, if you can’t psychically enter the person’s mind and ascertain if they were deliberately breaking the rules of the league, you shouldn’t be asking for any sort of enforcement of the rules, to any degree.

I wonder if any of these players want to be lawyers when they grow up – if nothing else, it shows a shocking lack of morals and a definite loss of intestinal fiber when it comes to picking a stand and staying with it. Basically they’ve just handed a green card to anyone in the league who wants to crosstech/cheat because you can’t prove intent.

Now, in the wide scheme of things this is pretty small; meaningless when compared to the large problems society deals with on an hourly basis and the things WE have to deal with daily. But I think it does illustrate a societial problem where we refuse not only to take responsibilty for our actions but want to exonerate others from theirs because it makes our own actions more forgivable.

Almost makes me want to go to Confession.




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