a few rambling thots…

… first, the Bin Laden tape asking for a truce with Europe.

in the first place – the timing sucked majorly. Putting out a tape asking/demanding a truce with the Europeans a day AFTER an Italian journalist (note: NOT a soldier) is executed on tape and then the tape sent to Al-Jazeera isn’t a Good Thing in any universe you choose to live in. Add to that the killing of an Iranian diplomat yesterday, and I think it shows a major collapse in the Al Queda communication system.

there’s no control here over groups; it’s a massive insanity gripping all these small cabals that are either trying to rise to power and restore the Hussein empire (because they benefited under Saddam’s rule) or just to kill anyone who’s not helping to get the coalition forces out of Iraq. Killing an Iranian is not a good way to keep Iran either neutral or covertly on your side.

nor an Italian journalist. On tape, much less.

and the fact that Bin Laden even offered such a thing tells me that he’s losing the war in one way or another – if ANY militant Muslim fanatic had offered it before him, he would have denounced said group or person – now he’s the one offering a “truce” and expecting it to be taken seriously?

I think we’re winning… slowly, and at great cost to Western civilization in the way of lives lost, but I think we’re winning…


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