The worst job of all time…

I think I’ve found it; courtesy of the History Channel.

see, there’s a huge industry in breeding bulls and steers for their meat – higher quality and all that, the usual business sense running all over the place.

follow so far?

so get this – first, only bulls with a testicular diameter of 36 inches are allowed into the breeding program – less than that, they’re castrated and sent off to the slaughterhouse.


second – in order to obtain said sperm from said bulls to keep the breeding program going, they release a male bull into a pen with…
… another male bull.

seems that the idea is that there’s no chance of infection or disease if it’s another male bull. Whatever.

and add in the fact that they set up other male bulls to WATCH and learn from the experience.


so, this macho male bull runs around after the other male bull until he gets ready to jump said bull…

now, this is where the job comes in.

this fella has to RUN in there at the exact time with a huge honking device and “catch” the sperm as the male bull finishes off…

as I told the Wook – suddenly any bad job I ever had pales in comparison to being the catcher in this arena.


did I mention that I hate doctors? been waiting two days now for a referral and nothing… I’m going to go to a frelling liquid diet and try and survive until they call; already called once and left a message.

some things are too much like Canada for my liking.



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