275 for the tank. Sweet man, however – has a sister who lives in Mississauga, so we did some Canada chat. He also gave me a packet to dump in the tank.

of course, the main plumber is upset. Says that I got ripped off when there’s about a foot of sludge left in the main tank after all that and that I “shouldn’t be taking his side” when I pointed out that the drain man had left.

I have a heavy suspicion that it might have been because the sewage man is black.


so the lead plumber takes off to get some garden hose and I yak with the flunky and tell him that I am NOT happy with his jerk of a boss. He agrees on the jerk part. I call the sewage peeps and they confirm that they won’t be coming back and just to dump the packet contents into the “commode” (aint’ that a nice word!) and all’s gonna be just fine.

which I believe. I refuse to believe a foot of sludge is going to break the system after this darned tank’s been sitting there for years and years….

flunky is going to tell jerkboy when he arrives back that they can cover up the tank and finish the job.

I still have to pay them.

my jaw hurts like hell ’cause I think it’s the stress and I think strong women threaten a lot of men.

I SO wanna go St. George on him… grr… if you don’t get the reference I think you get the intent.


I want my Wookie!

enjoying the ride?


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