Pete, plumbers and everything else with a P…

first, I have to say it up front – I kinda like Pete.

*ducks flying items*

whoa, now… this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on the Sam/Jack ship, but it does mean that I’m glad that they’re beginning to flesh Sam out (for the last year) and give her a bit more of a life than rushing to work, saving the world, then rushing home to cold pizza and her TiVo. I mean, really… Danny’s getting loving from across the entire frelling universe AND gets Ascended, Jack gets women left and right as well as genetic bonuses and Teal’c gets warrior women galore…

and poor Sam?

she gets more dead guys at her feet than me playing NeverWinterNights.

now, if it came down to between Pete and Agent Barrett, well… I think Jack would rather her date Pete than an NID man, fer sure! But she’s entitled to have a little bit of happiness while waiting for her man to either come to his senses or finally retire – heck, not like she can’t keep working while Jack sits at home and is a good little househusband…

waiting for the plumbers today is annoying. They first said 9:30 then called to reschedule to 12:30 and now it’s coming up on 1 pm. Add to that 650 flying out of our pockets into theirs for work that just needs to be done.


otoh, I did finally manage to convince the Wookie that he Is Not A Plumber. It’s gotta be some sort of male gene that makes them think that if anything goes wrong with a house that they must be endowed with the skill to fix it. Maybe back in the old days when you BUILT the house and therefore knew every nook and cranny, but I’d much rather pay someone else to lose a finger and toe instead of having to rush da Wook to the hospital.


time for a cuppa hot chocolate.

gave up tea for Lent.

double grr.


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