spam… i hate it…

so another day and THREE times in two days I’ve had huge amounts of spam in my mailbox; enough to crash out my Outlook Express and make me not only go to the server’s mailbox to delete the offending piece of mail, but also restart my computer.

this does not make a Happy Dragon.

it’s bad enough to have half my mail daily be composed of nothing but spam, but when it’s too large and potentially virussy to crash out my program, I am not thrilled.


and don’t get me started on the Angel from last night. Double argh. Okay, I do have to give minor points that they didn’t totally rewind the entire night back to the original phone call, but still… it seemed to really be a “get out of jail free” card for Joss so he could kill a few story threads he wasn’t happy with – the Lindsey thing and all…

but CC carried it like a frelling trooper to the end, bless her heart… she really showed what she’s made of and Lord, I’m gonna miss her. And the show, now that she’s gone. I may see what they do in a few weeks, but not impressed with the new angles.

working on my first silly poetry chapbook – The Gamer’s Book of Poetry – figure I’ll slap it together and sell it for a buck; just enough to cover the cost of printing the darned wee thing. It’s funny, it’s satirical and if you’re a gamer… well, hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Keeping me busy with the wee bit of writer’s block going on now with no new stories really rampaging to the forefront.

actually, not totally true – I’ve got a few great scenes, but no plot. Which usually doesn’t bode well for the rest of the story, natch. But still got quite a few goodies out there on the market, so I’m hopefully.

did I mention that Joss is an ass?

*waves to Sara*

heh, heh…

now, off to the enthralling Court TV trial of two seniors duking it out in Florida – one died, the other refused a plea bargain and is now up for manslaughter. People are really silly.


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