well, I went and did it – unsubbed from a slew of discussion lists ’cause I just couldn’t deal with the Chimera spoiler discussions anymore…
it’s just bothersome to have to delete so many messages a day – I mean, this morning there was over a HUNDRED messages and only a handful not dealing with a show that’s not aired yet in the US.
now, don’t get me wrong – I”m as spoiled as the next person, but there’s something about doing an autopsy when the victim’s still alive – and reading over and over about the end of the ship/the real ship/the ship that was and ever will be, etc. gets tiring after a bit. Especially when the majority of posters are bringing me down with their moaning and groaning.
so, my mailbox is a whole lot less full today.
And It’s A Good Thing.

having said that, loving my new NWN server – hopped in with a female dwarf fighter – Dolinar Ironforn and mucking about grandly… funny thing is, I just realised why I like her name so much.


yep, works for me


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