Another day in the neighbourhood…

well, I’ve had to drop my paid web page – just whipped up a sweet little one for my account on Geocities.
now, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with paid web pages, but I just couldn’t justify it at this time, given that I’ve had little if any success with using it to promote myself; and we sure as heck can do a lot more with the hundred bucks NOW than we can dumping it into the site. So it goes – I’m not that upset about it, tho it does mean that I’ll have to actually work a bit more on keeping it updated and not nag my sister about it.

heh, heh.

on a nicer note, got a note back from a magazine on Friday asking for a rewrite of a short story I had submitted – wanted it hacked down almost in half; managed to do it that night and resend it on Saturday. Updates forthcoming, but hopefully it’ll be a good sale and bring in a wee bit o’cash. Let’s just say that between the Christmas bills and the new alternator on the car it ain’t pretty in our checkbook these days.

so, to Stargate…. w00t! new eps!
and there was MUCH rejoicing… tho I’m a wee bit peeved that there’s so much coming in from overseas ’cause they get to see it first; I’ve almost had to unsub from my lists ’cause that’s all they’re talking about – now, I love spoilers to a degree, but I don’t want to see everything before the show, so to speak…. and it’s just a wee bit annoying to hear it almost a MONTH ahead of the rest of us. But I’ll survive and keep recalling that we North Americans did taunt the rest of the world unmercifully when they were lagging behind on the X-Files.
Karma’s a biotch.


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