*doing the happy Snoopy dance*

well, my mother goes home tomorrow and it’s a Good Thing.
now, don’t get me wrong – I love her dearly, but she’s already reorganized my kitchen and has managed to send me just a wee bit loopy in her own special way by being either underfoot or rushing off to do things without letting me know – resulting in losing her multiple times in shopping malls.
however, excellent boost to my fragile ego today – decided that I had to buy new jeans and went to the store.

now, let me explain – I NEVER shop for clothing until I literally have nothing but threads hanging on my back. I hate shopping with a passion for all things except books and computer games and candles. Go figure.
so venturing forth into the store for a new pair of jeans was bordering on a major event for me. To make it more bothersome, I have/had NO idea of what size I am. Hey, shirts only come in XL and XXL, right?
so I grab two pairs of jeans off the rack and head for the dressing room, determined to enjoy my new weight loss with a good feeling.
Neither pair fit.
As in, neither pair fit ’cause they were too BIG.

immediately I grab the smaller pair and literally run to the washroom to change out of my old jeans with the belt done up THISTIGHT and put the new ones on.
my gawd… I have a butt!
and it’s not hanging with baggy material as well.
The Wookie was most pleased.

now if I can only survive getting mom to the airport tomorrow and on the plane.


so it goes, brothers and sisters… the New Year is upon us and all silliness shall continue as before!


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