Christmas time is in the air!

*singing Chipmunk songs*
yep, I’m surviving it as best I can – got the parental unit here and was so out of it by the time I got her settled the first night she was here on Sunday that I dreamt the Tok’ra were looking for new hosts and I was pushing her into the front of the line.
yep, I am one sick puppy.
heh, heh…
on the other hand, it’s going to be two weeks of nice visit with her leaving just as Sara, a great pal of the Wookie’s and mine comes in for a week of relaxation – read: sitting, chatting and maybe, just maybe SG-1 marathons.
and so it goes… starting the New Year with low cholesterol due to Lipitor, low bloodpressure due to Corzide and cancer-free for the first time in five years!
heck, may actually get me to Christmas Mass this year…



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