It’s a conspiracy I tell ya…

so I’m feeling good today.
probably a little TOO good, because I decide to pop in that workout tape that I haven’t used for months – figure to myself that since I’ve lost 25 pounds in the last year and it’s been darned near close to that since I’ve put the frelling tape on, it may be a better experience.
silly me.
well, let me expound on that one – better in that while I wasn’t huffing like an asthma patient halfway through, my wee widdle kitten, Mitchell thought I was seriously losing my marbles. And proceeded to physically attack my feet, my drawstring on my sweat pants, run behind the entertainment center and kill the power bar only once and generally went psycho running to and fro during said tape.
I’m not sure exactly what this proves – that I’m WAY too sedimentary that waving my hands around invokes this type of reaction or that I have, once again, managed to get the strangest cat in existence. Considering I haven’t done said tape since he arrived, it’s probably a combo of the two.
so it goes, sisters and brothers… so it goes…

heh, heh…


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