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Who do you trust?

September 7, 2010


With the big push by self-publishers to try and claim their piece of the ever-shrinking readership pie there’s been a lot of talk about dumping the “gatekeepers” – meaning the editors and the critics who review books, leaving the decision on what’s “good” to the popular masses and the readers who will leave reviews of […]

Beware of False Profits, or, Ramblings of an Old Dragon Broad

August 19, 2010


Today I feel the urge to discuss, or at least toss out my views on, the Imminent Death Of Print Publishing. Yeah, again. *stifles yawn* I remember, a thousand years ago when computers first crept onto the scene. The VIC20, with 20K of memory. Really. 20K. No one knew how to use that much memory! […]

The Waiting is the hardest part…

July 28, 2010


Well, less than two weeks left to go before “Wild Cards and Iron Horses” releases. And yes, I’m dying of anticipation here. I think I can say, without fail, that this is the best book I’ve written so far. With the help of my FANTASTIC editor, Sasha Knight, that is… ;) Now it’s just the waiting […]

Now available for pre-order – and I *mean* pre-order!

July 13, 2010


“Blaze of Glory” is now available in paperback from B&N – well, in February 2011! *laughs* Never let it be said that they don’t think ahead. Sad thing is that while the cover art is up for the paperback, there’s still no cover art for the ebook a click away. But, hey… why wait? ;)

Change isn’t always good…

July 7, 2010


A few dribbles and drabbles in the heat… They’re changing Wonder Woman’s costume. Again. And her origin story. Not happy. I’ve noticed this trend happening in comic books a lot, and the Wookie agrees – a new writer, usually a Big Name, gets onto a title and decides that he just HAS to put his Mark […]

Games within Games…

July 2, 2010


Well, we survived Origins 2010 – despite the best efforts of the GAMA staff to be as inept as possible, the hardworking volunteers once again pulled their collective fat out of the fire and made the gaming convention a great time. Met up with a few friends, spent OBSCENE amounts of money on games (which I’m […]

Another day…

May 25, 2010


While I’m waiting for another round of edits on “Wild Cards and Iron Horses”, let me rant a bit about television writing. Spoilers below, so run away! Fringe: Oh, NO, you did NOT go there. Really? If FauxOlivia doesn’t get found out within the first two eps, I’m done with you. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy writing! […]

Today at SFR Brigade

May 17, 2010


And all week – check out the Publishers Showcase!

Where I ranteth…

May 3, 2010


It’s a lovely day outside, I’m working on BoG 2, and all’s right with the world. Until, of course, my Twitter/Facebook feed picks up the latest posting from an avowed self-publishing advocate. “Screw the publishers! Put your work up on Amazon and make money! I have! You can! Why give those nasty New York people […]

We could be heroes…

April 20, 2010


One of my earliest memories is of running down the narrow hall in our apartment, my blanket tied around my neck and flying out behind me as I leapt into the air, prepared to take flight. I broke two toes. And didn’t quite get the altitude I planned. At least, that’s what my mother tells […]


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